Warranty Policy

Product Warranty Card                                                                                                 Riwbox®,

The company warrants to the user that the products listed in this warranty card are in good condition and the parts are complete and free warranty service is provided.The warranty is as follows:
1, Customers from the date of purchase within 12 months, the product quality failure,the company's technoical staff confirmed that the machine failure is under normal use occurs, will provide free warranty service,but all replacement parts owned by the company.
2, In the following cases, the company will refuse to provide free warranty service,but provide maintenance service, free labor costs,only charge part costs:
A: The product has been damaged due to improper operation, negligence or irresistible
B:the product has been repaired by a company without  authorization
C Headphones unit used in large volume, into the debris or impact caused by shock film deformation,headphones line break, crush, flooding, shell damage, deformation and other man-made damage.
D the product does not operate according to the original installation instructions
E Can not provide the warranty card original and sales unit sales certificate, the purchase date beyond the warranty period.
 Just send the below info to email: support@riwbox.com
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