Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids

Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids

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Riwbox Baosilon CB-7S Cat Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids


Description Specifications FAQ Reviews
Overview:Riwbox Kids Headphones, CB-7S Cat Kids Toddler Headphones with LED Light, 75/85/95dB Volume Limited, Kids Bluetooth Headphones with Mic for School/Tablet/Girls
CB-7S is a foldable kids bluetooth headphone with LED light up design. This headset integrates music, lighting, and color elements. The cat eyes embedded in red/blue/green LEDs can blink and change colors with the rhythm of the music being played. Short press the M button to switch the 4 LED flashing modes. The cat cartoon image on the side of the headphone brings joy to every family and adds fun to the children’s daily life.
Riwbox Rabbit RB-7S Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids
Riwbox Rabbit RB-7S Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids

Caring for Kids Hearing

The Kitty headphones has a three-stage volume adjustment function, and the 75dB/85dB/95dB volume limit can be easily switched through the toggle button on the side. This design protects the children's hearing better. CB-7S kids headphones are specially designed for children and toddlers. The wireless headphones bring comfortable touch feeling so that kids can safely use them in the car, on the airplane, at school and home.

Riwbox Rabbit RB-7S Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids

Comfortable and Portable Design

Designed with the snug pads and cushioned ear pads, without sharp corners, CB-7S cat headphones will give your kids a comfortable wearing experience. The foldable and adjustable headband is designed not only for saving space but also for portable to carry when traveling or go to school. The TF card slot design allows children to insert the TF card with the downloaded music to enjoy music anywhere.

Riwbox Rabbit RB-7S Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids

Built-in Mic

The Kitty headphones are designed with the built-in microphone, provides you a high-definition and hands-free call. The multi-function button help you control the headphones easily in bluetooth mode to achieve music playback, hands-free calling and volume control. When the wireless headset is power off, you can plug in the braided audio cable to continue using. 3.5mm audio cable is compatible with various devices such as iPhone/iPad/tablets, PC and music players.

Riwbox Rabbit RB-7S Bluetooth Headphones With LED For Kids


Brand Riwbox
Model Name CB-7S
Color Pink&Green
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Communication Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Tangle-Free Cord, Lightweight, Volume-Control, Microphone Feature, Universal Phone Control
Included Components audio cable and type c charging cable
Age Range (Description) Kid
Material Rubber
Specific Uses For Product Travel
Headphones Jack 3.5 mm Jack
Noise Control None
Ear Placement Over Ear
Compatible Devices iPhone, iPad, tablet, mac, kindle, pc, tv
Theme Cartoon
Control Type Volume Control
Microphone Form Factor Built-In
Cable Feature Detachable
Item Weight 380 Grams
Frequency Response 2 Hz
Unit Count 1 Count
Style Modern
Control Method Touch
Number of Items 1
Battery Life 4 Hours
Item model number CB-7S
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Product Dimensions 7.09 x 3.15 x 5.91 inches
Item Weight 13.4 ounces
Package list 1 x Baosilon CB-7S Kids Headphone
1 x Type C charging cable
1 x 3.5mm audio cable with mic
1 x User manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Cute design

My daughter loves these headphones, the colors are beautiful, the kitty is adorable and it glows. The quality is very good. Made of rubber and soft cushions. I can control high, medium and low volume, medium and low .... You can use it on the airplane and kids can use it when they are learning remotely.

Stacey Johnson
Kids love them

I love how you can control the volume. The Bluetooth connects every time. And customer service is great! Good product!

Andrea Rodriguez
Great quality

Its perfect for my 4yo. Very soft and love the volumen control.

Quality purchase for a good price

I had purchased this headset from this brand because I had purchased different ones from this brand in the past and my 9 year-old daughter enjoyed them. When I saw that these had a kitty logo on them and the color tone was something I knew my daughter would like. My daughter has been using these for almost a month now and she loves them. The comfort level is perfect and easy to wear for a long duration of time. Pairing the headset up to her iPad was very simple. The headset also comes with a matching color aux cord so you can plug it up to your device without using bluetooth which is great incase the battery dies and you need to use them. She uses these for her zoom class for a couple of hours a day. My daughter mentioned that the sound quality is really good and that she can hardly hear anything around her when she is in her zoom class. If there is any parent out there that is price causious and is looking for a quality headset that there child would like to use during these long zoom classes I would go with these pair of headphones.

Savannah C.
My daughter loves these!! Would recommend!!

My first thought about these headphones was that the cushions on the ears and top part for the head are very plush and comfortable. My daughter really liked this aspect because it doesn’t hurt to wear for long periods of time. So far the battery life is great and it’s easy to connect to any device. The texture on the outside is like a velvety rubber and the cats are also rubber. We own two pairs of Riwbox headphones and so far their products have held up well with no issues. When registering them for warranties the customer service was really great! I would definitely recommend these headphones and would say they are definitely worth the money! My only complaint is that I had a hard time figuring out how to turn them on because there isn’t a distinct “on/off” button. You just have to hold the call button which was a little confusing to my 5 year old at first. Otherwise we love them!!!

Questions & Answers

Have a Question?

Ask a Question
  • Do headphones hurt ears after wearing them for too long?

    Riwbox headphones are specially made with protein ear cups that are soft and comfortable.

    Designed to fit different head shapes according to the ergonomic structure.

    For more comfortable wearing, we recommend taking off the headphones after 30-40 minutes of use and resting for 2-5 minutes.

  • Free shipping?

    Free shipping worldwide

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