Q1. Can I use headphones for online class conversations?

Riwbox headphones whether using wired or wireless mode. You can use the microphone to talk online classes or talk on the phone.

Q2. Can I still listen to the headphones if I forgot to charge them?

Yes, you can use wired mode, the headset is delivered with a 3.5mm audio cable, so you can continue to use it without electricity, and you can continue to talk with wired cable.

Q3. What is the use of luminous light effect?

The appearance of the luminous light effect is more cute and pretty, and the IP of the animals on both sides of the headset which will emit different flashing effects, and children will wear it more beautifully and cutely. It will make children more lively and happy, especially to cure autistic children, whihch can make children happier.

Q4. Can I turn off the LED flashing?

You can switch the light mode by pressing the M key. You can also choose to turn off.

Q5. Can it be connected to a computer?

Yes, you can connect the computer with bluetooth or connect with 3.5MM wired cable.

Q6. What is the difference between kids headphones and ordinary headphones?

Riwbox specialises in creating children's headphones that meet standards and requirements for children's products. It has a protective effect on children's eardrums. The volume of the headphones has three levels of adjustment to protect children's eardrums more effectively.

The headphones are specifically certified by the International Children's Association and the National Radio Association.

Q7. Is it good for kids to use kids headphones?

Children should use kids headphones specially designed for children. Besides being equipped with special hearing protection, wearing children's headphones can also improve and develop your child's concentration skills.

Q8. Do headphones hurt ears after wearing them for too long?

Riwbox headphones are specially made with protein ear cups that are soft and comfortable.

Designed to fit different head shapes according to the ergonomic structure.

For more comfortable wearing, we recommend taking off the headphones after 30-40 minutes of use and resting for 2-5 minutes.